How to buy the Position Mod Menu with PayPal or Bitcoin?


First click “Purchase”


Choose between PayPal, Bitcoin or Giftcard Payment Method


If you choosed PayPal for example, then you can choose between weekly, monthly or Lifetime Licence!


Click Buy Now


Select the Payment Gateway, these you want to use for the Checkout. PayPal, Banking Trasnfer or Cryptocurrencyies !


Put in your E-Mail Address! It’s important, because you will get the Product in your E-Mail Inbox!


If you selected PayPal for example, you have to push the PayPal Button, after that you can checkout with PayPal! Like i already said, the product will be send in your E-Mail Inbox!


After you have paid with PayPal, for example, you will be redirected to the product after 60 seconds. You will also receive your product again by email. In the email you must then click on “Get Product”. so that you get to the product.


After you click on “Get Product” you will receive your license in a TXT file which you have to open, copy this license and enter it in your browser.


After that you will be redirected to a page where you have to enter an email address and a password, after that your account will be created and automatically a license will be bound to your account!


After that you will be redirected and have activated your license. Now click Continue to get to the dashboard where you can download the mod menu.

If you want to buy Position with Gift Cards


Click Purchase!


Choose GiftCards as Payment


Push “Purchase”​


We have linked online stores where you can buy German gift cards that we accept. Just enter your email on the right and in the next step just enter the product key of the gift card. You should receive your license by email within 1-2 hours.

If you have some Questions about the Payment Method, just start a Chat with the Live Chat here on our Page!