Windows Defender and other 3rd party virus software may detect the launcher as a Trojan virus, however, this is a false flag and the reason is because of the .exe file. If it doesn't work, disable anti-virus and try again.


You have to do the verification steps to get your VIP role. Please visit the Discord page for a tutorial.

Tutorial how to install the mod menu

  1. Disable all your Anti Virus/Security Programme
  2. Press the red download button above to download the mod menu
  3. Extract the Launcher to your Desktop
  4. Open the Launcher with Administrator
  5. Put in your Login Details from the Website
  6. Go to the GTA Section
  7. Click the Button Inject
  8. Choose between GTA 5 Steam, Epic Games, R* Launcher Depending on what you installed gta 5 over
  9. GTA 5 will be opened automatically you dont have to do anything after this
  10. Dont Close the Hooking Window and finish!

HOW TO FIX 500 or 504 Internal server error

The error means that the server you call when starting/logging in the loader does not return a response. This is because you have installed and activated any security/anti-virus programs on your PC. These are most likely blocking the connection between the PC and the server. Please make sure that you disable all your anti-virus programs. Support cannot solve this problem, because it is not a problem on our side, but on your side.


  1. Press the Windows + R Keys at the same Time
  2. Put in %appdata% and go to the “Position” Folder
  3. Go to INI Files Folder
  4. There you can add custom INI Vehicles


  1. Press the Download Button
  2. Put the Programm in your Desktop
  3. Start the Programm with Administrator
  4. Select all Visual C++ Runtimes Packages ONLY
  5. And click “Installieren” the Programm will install all packages automatically
  6. Wait until the Programm has been closed
  7. Restart your Computer
  8. Done

Vehicle stealth - TUTORIAL

  1. Spawn an Dubsta
  2. Drive in LSC
  3. Buy an Tracker
  4. Set the Amount
  5. Toggle Vehicle Stealth
  6. Close the Mod Menü 
  7. And just Sell the Car